Sushi Spott Japanese Fusion Restaurant w/Lounge Bar


Sushi Burrito                                                                                      $15.95

Crabmeat, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, salmon, tuna, green onions, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, & masago rolled into a burrito in a full nori sheet (2pcs)

Salmon Tortilla                                                                                      $9.95

Deep fried tortilla topped w/ fresh salmon bites & avocado marinated in swet chilli, sriracha, & wasabi sauce. Topped off w/ shredded green cabbage & jalapenos. (6pcs)

Spam Musubi                                                                                       $5.50

Favorite snack for kids or anyone on the go. Spam over sushi rice glazed w/ hint of teriyaki sauce wrapped in nori

Edamame                                                                                             $5.50
Lightly salted soy beans

Spicy Edamame                                                                                    $6.25

Soy beans stir fried in soy & butter w/ some spice 

Gyoza                                                                                                  $8.95
Deep fried potstickers filled w/ pork & vegetables, & gyoza dipping sauce (8pc)

Steamed Gyoza                                                                                     $8.95
Steamed potstickers filled w/ pork & vegetables, & gyoza dipping sauce (8pc) 

Agedashi Tofu                                                                                      $7.95
Fried tofu w/ soy dashi broth

**Sashimi Sampler                                                                              $13.95
Salmon (2pc), Tuna (2pc), Red Snapper (2pc) served on daikon - no substitutions 

Tempura Appetizer                                                                                $9.95
Deep fried shrimp(3pc) & vegetables(4pc)

Chicken Karaage                                                                                   $8.95
Tang fried Japanese style chicken bites. Lightly salted.

Ika Geso Karaage                                                                                $10.95

House battered squid tentacles deep fried to perfection w/ full of flavor served w/ side of ponzu kewpie mayo sauce. Perfect finger food. 

Vegetable Tempura                                                                               $8.95
Deep fried vegetables (6pc)

Calamari                                                                                            $10.50
Crispy deep fried squid, & spicy mayo sauce

Baked Mussels                                                                                   $10.95
Mussels topped w/ green onions & spicy mayo seared on top (6pcs)

Soft Shell Crab                                                                                      $9.95
Deep fried soft shell crab on w/ spicy mayo dipping sauce 

**Tuna Tataki Sashimi                                                                          $15.95
Lightly seared and peppered tuna served on daikon (6pc)

Popcorn Shrimp                                                                                    $9.95

Deep fried popcorn shrimp w/ side of spicy mayo

Sake Kama                                                                                                                        $8.95

Salmon collar seasoned to perfection w/ salt & pepper.

Jalapeno Fire Bombs                                                                             $8.95

Deep fried jalapenos stuffed w/ spicy tuna & cream cheese. Spicy mayo & eel sauce

Takoyaki                                                                                              $8.95

Popular Japanese ball-shaped snack w/ diced octopus inside. Topped w/ fish flakes & house sauce

Shrimp Tempura Appetizer                                                                   $12.95

Don't like veggies? All shrimp tempura (8pcs)


Green Salad                                                                                         $3.95
Tossed mixed green salad w/ carrots, cucumber, & house dressing

**Chirashi Salad                                                                                 $19.95
Tossed mixed green salad w/ an assortment of fish & ginger dressing

**Ahi Katsu Salad                                                                               $16.95
Lightly peppered and seared ahi tuna (6pc) on mixed green salad w/ ginger dressing

Ocean Salad                                                                                         $5.45
Seaweed salad w/ sesame seeds

**Tako Sunomono                                                                                 $9.95
Octopus and cucumbers w/ house vinaigrette dressing

**Ahi Tuna Poke Salad                                                                         $13.95
Diced tuna, cucumbers, onions, tobiko, sesame oil, lemon & ponzu sauce

**Salmon Poke Salad                                                                           $13.95
Diced salmon, cucumbers, onions, tobiko, sesame oil, lemon & ponzu sauce 

**Poke Bowl                                                                                       $14.95

Assortment of fish marinated w/ poke sauce served over sushi rice. Topped w/ avocados, cucumbers, green onions, tobiko & seaweed flakes w/ spicy mayo sauce

Side Orders

Large Miso Soup                                                                                   $4.95

Small Miso Soup                                                                                   $2.95

Steamed Rice                                                                                       $2.00

Sushi Rice                                                                                            $2.50

Some items may contain sesame seeds w/out being noted. If you’re allergic, please inform us.
**Some of these items are served raw or undercooked. Eating raw or undercooked fish, or shell fish may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you are a young child, an older adult, or have certain immune compromising illnesses.